Bird Watchtower at Gulstavsmose

This is the third birdwatching tower I have designed. One is located at Nivå Bugt Strandenge, another at Gulstavsmose on the island of Langeland and one at Selde Vig near Skive.

 At Gulstavsmose I sought to create an architectural sculpture where the stair is part of the form. The horizontal lines running through the entire tower are intended in part to create a calm ascent, as one climbs the stair, and in part to conceal the construction, which might otherwise seem disruptive and give the impression of a temporary structure, like a hunting tower. The lines also create a transparent expression. I angled the profile of the slats to provide a view through the structure when you stand on the ground looking up. That creates a light and simple expression with a moiré effect. I aimed for a holistic and coherent construction with mathematical rhythms that provide both visual and structural stability. My fascination with Japanese temple joints is evident in a look up under the tower. Here, one sees the two tiers of beams that support the gallery and the top wooden platform. That view offers a majestic, almost religious experience. Standing eight metres tall, the tower offers an amazing panoramic view of a landscape resembling a Golden Age painting.