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What does a pot have to do with a car?

When the Audi TT Coupé (1998–2000) came out, it was the most beautiful car design I had ever seen. Robust, muscular, feminine forms. Words reflecting the expression I strive for. Around that time I designed a series of pots for Raadvad, now owned by Fiskars. The design expression of the Audi was my inspiration to make the pots both functional and sculptural. An expression that is strong, with lots of muscle, and feminine. And excellent functionality. In shaping the pots, I drew on my training as a goldsmith with elements of detailing , jewellery, sculpture, function. I mainly created the shape of the pots in my own kitchen, working in clay and tin foil. I love to cook and am passionate about food, perhaps because you see the result of your efforts so quickly. With design, it easily takes three years from the first draft to the finished product – if you’re lucky.