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Hwam 3600

Henrik Sørig Thomsen and I designed the first wood-burning stove for HVAM in 2001. It was named Figaro and deviated from the prevailing design style for stoves at the time. Figaro captures the pure functional and sculptural form of the design. The stove became the first step in a long-standing collaboration with HWAM.

Our design is characterized by a graphic and sculptural style, where clean lines come together in a frugal expression. The clean, taut lines aim to underscore the functional requirements and create a sense of order. It is important for us to create forms that are free of noise and unnecessary features. We view the wood-burning stove as a piece of furniture that has to be able to blend into many different interior settings. 

All HWAM’s stoves are equipped with the best technology for pure combustion. The technology behind HWAM® SmartControl™ is so unique that HWAM was selected as a digital front-runner and awarded the DI Prize 2016 from the Confederation of Danish Industry in the digitalization category. An accolade that makes us proud. 

That is not the only time HWAM has fired up the award shows. Previous versions of the technology received gold and bronze medals at the French Bois Energie Fair and were nominated for the CSR Environment Prize and for the American Wood Stove Design Challenge organized by the non-profit Alliance for Green Heat. 

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