HWAM 7100

HWAM 7100, our new series of heat-storing stoves, is an elegant stone column with excellent heat capacity.

The round stove is clad with soapstone from top to bottom and all the way round. The soapstone covering stores the heat from the stove, which will be emitted slowly, filling the room with pleasant heat. 

HWAM 7150c features a heat storage compartment where you can place heat-storing stones. This will increase the heat storage capacity and prolong the heat emission to the room. HWAM 7150c will thus allow you to enjoy the heat from your stove – long after the fire has gone out.

The stone-clad pull-out drawer underneath the combustion chamber has room for firelighters, gloves or other accessories. The stove is also equipped with a practical shaking grate and lid for the ash pan, which will prevent ash from being whirled into the room when removed from the stove.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 13.46.50.jpg

Title: HWAM 7100
Type: Stove
Material: Soapstone
Year: 2014
Client: Hwam


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