I remember the sound the milkman made, the jingling, rhythmic sound, I remember the sudden silence when the bottles were put down on the stoop, how I rushed out to see if the birds had pecked a hole in the tinfoil wrapped around the bottle’s mouth to get at the cream, remember how you could clearly see the cream sitting on top of the milk and my mother’s explanation for it. I remember the dew on the bottle and the explanation for it and remember the good feeling of poking a hole in the tinfoil or just sliding it off to have a swig. 

I remembered all that as I sat down to design this bottle for Designletters, remembered that the lid had to be easy to open, remembered the bottle’s shoulders and stubby neck, remembered the chubby shape, which was pleasant to hold and made you want to drink from the bottle. It took countless memories and many, many sketches before the bottle for Designletters was finished. Countless conversations with Designletters about the shape and the lid and the placement of the lettering. I hope that it can now pass on my memories. Remember!

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 17.17.35.png