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CRAFT for Zone

As a designer and goldsmith I love the shapes of tools. They proof that if you find the right form the shape will never change. These tools are designed for one purpose and the ergonomic makes the shape ... this is when design becomes perfect. Some tools have been through a design process a 1000 years without losing its iconic shape. A shape which clearly tells for which use it is. 

It is also interesting to see old tools which have been used for a lifetime of one person and the hand have worn and made the tool personal. Even iron can be worn by hand. 

This picture is taken when we worked with the CRAFT series in felt and leather. It made me remember that design is much more than a sketch and when you work with the hands, ideas will begin to flow. It also reminds me of my little dream to exhibit tools from different countries to see the small changes there will be in the shape of one tool for the same use.

The picture is taken in a split of second during the dynamic use and also shows that coincidence sometime can look fantastic as a picture. You almost can see our thoughts while we were working. For sure you can see that during this process we were clean in our heads. Only positive thoughts and happiness were there.

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craft miljø.jpg
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stor mørk toilet taske.jpg
zone miljø.jpg
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